July 1, 2011

Date Night: Finding a Babysitter

The biggest reason E and I don't go on more regular dates is because of the difficulty of finding a babysitter. I have however found a few options that can help.

One great website for finding sitters is Sittercity. Here you can post a request for a sitter and browse sitters in your area. At Sittercity babysitters will list their availability, references and most have a background check you can view. This is a great option if you have recently moved or our just visiting an area and need a good sitter. Sittercity also has a listing of housekeepers, tutors, pet sitters, and senior care providers. One other reason to love Sittercity, they give free membership to military families. Go check it out HERE today!

Another great thing that E and I have done for sitters is switch with our good friends and neighbors. This helps us feel obligated to go on a date as we know that our babysitter will want us to watch their kids next week. Oh ya, and this is free, except for the time we return the favor.

Happy Date Night!

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