July 9, 2011

The Kids

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Being so far away from our grown kids wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when we retired but my husband was bound and determined that we were going to move to the mountains and eventually he wore me down and here we are, living in the mountains. It’s beautiful up here but I hate being so far away from the boys and when they start having kids of their own I know I’m going to have a hard time staying away. I spend a lot of my days drifting around on the boat and catching up with my friends via email (we were able to get satellite internet through http://www.wildbluedeals.com) but for now it’s really peaceful up here and I don’t mind being so far removed. I know if we were to move back I’d just be stressed again like I was before and it’s certainly a nice change of pace to get to spend so much time with my husband! I love him and I love our retired life together up here.

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