July 17, 2011

Sunday Project: Freezer

This week at the Kerr house one of our jobs is to defrost the freezer. This is a great activity for us because we do not have air conditioning and on these hot days we need a cool project that the kids can help with. The boys are a great help taking the little things (like juice) to the bucket we keep it in while the fridge defrosts. The cold is a good sensory stimulation for C too. Because we have a large chest freezer this project can take most of the day and helps keep our house cool while getting some work done. If you have never defrosted a freezer before you can read about how to do so HERE. Have a great week! A.

1 comment :

  1. Great Post, thanks! It takes time to think through then implement an organized storage system so you've taken a lot of the work out of it for me! I have chest freezer, so I'll be looking for your ideas on organizing that!