May 10, 2012


For many families the perfect dog is a mid size dog that loves to play but also loves to cuddle. That is exactly what Bingo has to offer. According to the Humane Society of the Upper Valley, his current providers, Bingo is about 7 months old and weighs about 22 lbs. This is a great age to get a dog because at this point it is almost full grown and they have some manners. At this point Bingo is house and crate trained and knows some basic commands. Bingo's foster mom says he loves hike, fetch, and have just about any adventure with his family.

Bingo's preferred forever family would enjoy exercising with him during the day. I have also been told that Bingo prefers older kids and loves to have dog and/or cat friends to play with. He will bark at strangers unless he is told they are ok and then loves to have a good belly scratch. But Bingo's very favorite thing is to cuddle with his family on the couch or in bed at night.

Bingo is just one of many wonderful dogs and cats available for adoption through the Humane Society of the Upper Valley. They are a wonderful group that provides great care for each of their animals including having them spayed or neutered and making sure they are up to date on their basic shots. And the great news is that if Bingo is not the right pet for you, or if he's too far away to adopt, they are sure to be able to help you find the perfect pet for you!

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