May 15, 2012

Little Looster Review

Little Looster in action.
note: please excuse tape on toilet I gotta fix that
It seems like potty training parents have two basic options to help their children reach the toilet. You can get a stool and have them use the big potty, requiring you to move the stool each time a bigger person uses that toilet, or you can get a child's size potty for them to use, requiring you to look at and clean another toilet. For me neither of these options is ideal. I don't like to clean toilets, ask E, and a stool is just something else to trip on when I can't see my feet. Recently we have been introduced to another option.

Little Looster provides potty trainees with a comfortable boost to get to the adult toilet and potty trainers with the ability to leave the step in place while using the toilet themselves. Over the last month this has been a great solution at the Kerr house!

I have so many favorite things about the Little Looster! I love that I don't have to bend over to move it. I love that the kids don't carry it around the house, then causing accidents while we look for the stool. I love that I don't trip on it in the middle of the night. And I love that it doesn't look tacky in my bathroom. Thank you Little Looster for solving a problem we didn't even realize we had!

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