May 22, 2012

Mountain Mama Review

Over my past three pregnancies I have been on quite the adventure with maternity clothes. With my first pregnancy I was working so I had a uniform that kinda fit and then was on bed rest so pjs worked just fine most days. With pregnancy two I was still trying to adjust to having a new baby and couldn't have cared less what I looked like. By pregnancy three I was doing better and was in need of some clothes that I could see the public in. The biggest problem I faced at this point was that we live in a small town and there wasn't a huge selection to begin with let alone a selection in my small size.

With baby four I have been super excited to try ordering maternity clothes online and one place that I have really loved is Mountain Mama. They sent me an Olema Tee to review and I have to say that I love it! The color is beautiful and the style is very flattering. I will make a note here that this shirt is very long and if you have a short torso or don't like long shirts this may not be the shirt for you. I will continue to try to get a picture of me in it, E seems to come home late every time I wear this shirt, so you can see what it looks like. My very favorite thing is the neckline! It is low enough to show off some of that pregnancy bust but it is still high enough that I feel super comfortable playing with the kids and being the mom I need to be. Thanks so much for letting me share Mountain Mama!

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