May 25, 2012

The Job Hunt

When E and I first got married we faced two major tasks, find a place to live and find a job. The first one was fairly simple as we moved into a family rental property but the second one took more work. We considered a lot of different job options including some Local Driving Jobs.  We searched everywhere, online, the newspaper, and finally began looking through the phone book to see where we might go apply.

The last idea finally paid off and we found jobs for both E and I with comparable hours and decent pay. E's job especially was a huge blessing as he is still working this same job today and they have allowed him the flexibility to go to school, help me when I need it at home, and take an occasional vacation.

We know the job search can be hard and that there are lots of people looking but we also know there are lots of great jobs out there. E's boss is still looking for people to hire this year because no one, with a clean driving record, as applied. For me this is very sad because I know there are people who need these jobs. If you are one of these people please keep looking! The job for you is out there and I know you can find it!

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