May 17, 2012

Work, Work and more Work

If there is one thing my boys love it is a big truck. They will often ask to go to see dad at work so they can see the big trucks they transport trees and dirt with. Some of the trucks at his work are getting pretty old and it seems like they are always in and out of the shop. We keep telling the boss he needs to start looking for commercial trucks for sale so he can be ready when one of his trucks is finally beyond repair. They loss one plow truck last winter but thankfully there wasn't much plowing to do after that. We sincerely hope they find a new truck before the snow starts this winter or they will have more drivers than plows. I think the biggest problem is that we live in a small town where commercial trucks are not overly prevalent and the boss rarely takes time away to travel elsewhere, especially this time of year, for things that don't seem overly pressing like searching for a new truck. Oh well, everything will work out in it's own time. In the meantime I'll be grateful I have all of you to listen to my brief rants about work.

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