May 11, 2012

A New Friend and Mr. Chewy

One big piece of news at the Kerr house is that we have adopted again....

This big beautiful boy is A2 and came to our house as a foster between the time he was pulled from the shelter with his 2 brothers and mother and the time they had a transport to take them to a nearby rescue. Needless to say those two weeks were plenty of time for us to fall in love.

The amazing thing about A2 is that he is still a puppy. He is a six month old, approximately, Great Pyrenees which means although his is big now he still has some growing to do. As much as we love him, A2 has just about doubled our pet food needs over the last month that we have had him. Between this and pregnancy complications restricting my lifting our pet food shopping tips have become interesting and I am super thankful that I was recently introduced to Mr. Chewy.

For me, Mr. Chewy represents a pet lover's dream. They are a pet company that specializes in quality dog and cat food, treats and litter. Their site is super easy to navigate and they offer free shipping on orders $49 and up. This sounds great doesn't it! Let me tell you how it gets even better.

Mr. Chewy is not only less expensive (about $5 less a bag in our area) and gives free shipping but they also have an automatic reorder system that is wonderful! All you have to do is place your first order and then tell Mr. Chewy how often, in weeks, you would like that order delivered. No more trips to the store and no more running out of food for your pets! Mr. Chewy is a great way to save time, energy, and money while still giving your pets the high quality foods they deserve! Thanks Mr. Chewy!

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