May 1, 2012

Time to Plan for Summer Vacation

There is nothing more fun than a family summer vacation. When I was growing up one of our very favorite family vacations was visiting our East Coast cousins. One year I remember meeting my aunt, uncle and their kids at Virginia Beach where we had a blast!

My aunt and uncle didn't live too far away so Virginia Beach was a trip their kids were used to and they had so much fun showing me and my five siblings around. My parents rented a small house just two blocks from the beach which meant we were never to far to run home for food or a quick nap.

The week was so much fun. I remember spending the mornings out in the sand. We'd build castles, make each other into mermaids, and play in the water. We had some amazing castles and lots of cousin fun.

In the afternoons as it got warmer we'd head inside. The babies would take naps while the dads and big brothers played games in the rental home. The big girls (we were all of 12) got to go shopping. Their were lots of fun stores with interesting items made out of shells, sand and driftwood. We also found some awesome clothing. In fact, I still wear one of the shirts I got there, it's C's favorite because it has “fishies” on it.

In the evenings it was always fun to find someplace for dinner. A few nights we cooked right there at the house and ate watching the sun set. Other nights we would visit one of the many fun restaurants. Seafood was always my favorite choice of food, it still is most days, but there was something available for everyone and we were able to feed all the hungry children without too many complaints.

E and I look forward to being able to take our boys to see the sights around Virginia Beach someday too. We'll probably wait until their a little older but it will be a fun opportunity since their Grandma doesn't live too far a way and my cousins are still around too. It will make an awesome family vacation! I want to share with them not only the fun things I did as a child but also visit some of the local historical sites and do more activities off the beach. It will be so much fun! I can't wait to start planning!

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