August 4, 2012

Belly Buttons & Babies Review

With it being summer and my ever growing pregnant body our household has been going through an amazing amount of lotion. I was super excited when Belly Buttons & Babies send me some of their organic lotions to review.
For me they sent some Natural Lavender & Chamomile Body Cream that I am absolutely in love with. Sometimes I feel that lavender and chamomile products have much too strong of a scent but this product is not at all that way. I love using it on my growing belly because it is great at helping to stop the continual itching that seems to be happening these days. Because this is a thicker cream I also really love it for my feet that get lots of abuse during the summer when I love to run outside barefoot.
The second product they sent me is their Calming Massage Lotion For Baby. I love this lotion for everyday use. It is just the right thickness to keep your skin moist without feeling greasy which is awesome. This lotion is also made with 100% baby safe ingredients so I love knowing that it is ok to use on my kids.
If you're looking for some great organic products than Belly Buttons & Babies is a place you should stop. They have lots of great products to choose from and they sell them at very reasonable prices. I know I am impressed!

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