August 8, 2012

Willow Store Diaper Review

As we have continued to cloth diaper we have enjoyed becoming more diverse in the types of diapers we use. One brand we were recently able to try was from the Willow Store. They sent us a starter set in CherryBerry to try and we are enjoying it.
These diapers are super simple to use. You have a shell and an insert and you simply lay the insert inside the shell and put it on. My favorite part about these diapers is their extra large inserts. I have to fold them for my 2 year old but that means I can put the extra right where I need it most. These inserts do not fit in my pocket diapers but that is ok by me.
The shell of this diaper is fully reversible which makes it kinda fun. These covers are also one size. Adjusting them takes a little more work than some because you actually adjust it with elastic inside the cover but they also get a more secure fit than one size snap covers.
Last but not least I will tell you that I love all the bright colors these diaper sets come in! There are so many combos to choose from you'll have a hard time picking just one.

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