August 6, 2012

LilyPadz Review

I don't often express my strong opinions but I'm assuming by now you have realized that I am a somewhat crunchy mama. I am after all a cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding mom and proud of it. There are some necessary evils that come with being a crunchy mom however and one of those is breast pads. Or at least I thought they were necessary, until I was introduced to LilyPadz.
LilyPadz has given me an whole new outlook on breastfeeding and I haven't even used them for their intended purpose yet. They are simply a piece of thin silicone that PREVENTS breast leakage by maintaining pressure on your breast. They are super easy to apply and you only need one set! That is a big bonus in my mind!
Since I'm not currently nursing I can't vouch for how well these work but having tried them on I think they are going to be an awesome solution to an unfortunate problem. I should also tell you that even if you aren't nursing you may want to invest in a set of LilyPadz. They are also great for days when it's a little colder than you thought it was going to be but you want to wear your favorite bra that just doesn't have quite enough padding. That's right, LilyPadz are a great solution to this problem too.
I love my LilyPadz! They are super user friendly and I just know you'll love them too!

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  1. Does anyone know what stores carry lilypadz cleaning wipes? I tried walmart and target to no avail. Do I have to buy them online?