August 3, 2012

Smart Snugs Diaper Review

Like most moms who cloth diaper I like my kids diapers to be cute. Recently I found a unique diaper that we are loving! It is a MultiColor diaper from SmartSnugs. Like most of our diapers this is a one-size pocket diaper. Besides the fun colors on the outside one of my very favorite things about this diaper is the dark colored inside. I can't tell you how much time I spend trying to get stains out of our white diapers. Not that it really matters on how they function but they don't look very nice. I love the dark insides because then I simply don't have to worry about staining. It looks nice no matter what.

Our SmartSnugs diaper came with two inserts. One regular insert that works wonderfully. We have had a small problem with the stitching coming undone with this insert but it hasn't hurt the absorbency any. The second insert they sent is a night time booster. This insert is two layers of bamboo and three layers of microfiber. It is an awesome insert and certainly holds a lot. We love using it overnight or sometimes even for our big boys during the day.

SmartSnugs also carries some awesome wet bags. They are one pocket wet bags that are just the right size for the diaper bag (hold 3-4 diapers). I love that they have a little handle so I can easily attach them to a stroller if needed.

I have been very pleased with both SmartSnugs products and their customer service. If you're looking for a great diaper be sure to check them out!

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