August 9, 2012

Comback Love by Peter Golden

I would have to say that a majority of individuals have a point in their life they wish they could go back to. Something they enjoyed or maybe even something they want to change. For Gordon in Comeback Love by Peter Golden, he can't help but think back on events that transpired thirty-five years previous when he lost his only chance with Glenna.
Gordon, now a globe-trotting consultant with a grown child, was not so very long ago an aspiring writer with a draft looking him in the face. Glenna was a sharp med student that he couldn't dream of living without. As Gordon travels to find Glenna again he must revisit the past and discover why he truly drove her away if he hopes to rediscover the passion they once shared. As he travels along this journey of reliving his live in the 1960s to find the true reason for his return you can't help but share every moment of this story with him.
Although this is not a time frame I usually read about I did enjoy taking this journey with Gordon. My favorite aspect of this book was the wide range of emotions of the characters as they traveled. It was always interesting to see how they would react to a given situation and what that reaction would then lead them too. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would encourage any adult to read it.

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