August 16, 2012

To Seduce A Scoundrel by Darcy Burke

You've probably already read my reviews of Her Wicked Ways and His Wicked Heart by Darcy Burke. If you're interested in these you should get the third book in this series, To Seduce a Scoundrel , while you're at it.
This third book is about two family friends, Lady Philippa and Lord Ambrose. Although they seem like polar opposites they are pushed together when Lady Philippa's impulsive decision puts here in a very risky situation and threatens the family's reputation. She is rescued by Lord Ambrose, England's most notorious scoundrel, and together they must fight to defend her reputation.

I have to say that I fell in love with Lord Ambrose. He is any girl's hero as he defends Lady Philippa and yet won't let her help him at all. There were times that I just wanted to reach through the page and smack him because he just didn't see why Lady Philippa could care about him when in truth he was a great gentleman. You will love this book and I think it is a great addition to any collection!

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