August 2, 2012

Imposter for Hire by Sandra Levy Ceren

I'm all about a good mystery. Yes, they do tend to keep me up all night but they also really help to pass the time when I don't feel good. As I approach the end of my pregnancy not feeling good is all too common and I was more than thrilled to read Imposter for Hire by Sandra Levy Caren.
I was very pleased with this book! I would have never guessed the story line based on the title so I'll have to tell you a little about it. The main character is a psychologist, Dr. Cory Cohen, who teams up with a private investigator, Ben, that just happens to be a little more than her friend. Their goal is to help a young mother who suffers from anorexia. Her husband is a prominent engineer and thanks to his prestigious career both him and her two children have been kidnapped.
The story begins in California where Cory and Ben work hard to help this mother through poisonings, threatening notes, and stalkers. When a clue leads them half way across the world both Cory and Bed put their other clients on hold to help solve this puzzling case. The question seems to be how far will these kidnappers go as we follow down a path of terrorists, greed, ambition and murder.
This is an excellent read you won't want to miss. Make sure you check out Imposter for Hire today!

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