September 2, 2011

Blogorama Bonanza: GoGreen Review

About GoGreen:

Shortly after we had our third child we found ourselves buying diapers for 3. Not only did the costs really add up, but we were getting charged extra by the city of Boulder, CO for the ludicrous amount of trash we produced. We had never considered CLOTH diapers before, but, timidly, We purchased brand-name pocket diapers at nearly $20 a pop. To our surprise, they worked spectacularly, and were nothing like the leaky, prefold things with which we were familiar. No leaks, better absorbency, they were perfect!- except for the price. It became our mission to provide quality cloth pocket diapers at an affordable cost. They're better for babies, better for bank accounts, and better for the environment. And, dare we say it, they make diaper changing fun! Please visit our products page to see our ginormus selection of pocket diapers. 

Our Thoughts:

Like the GoGreen family our family also made the switch to cloth due to disposable expense when we found out we were expecting C. Our first diapers were home made by be and I must say that was a task I did not enjoy doing so when we found out we were expecting D we decided we needed yet another solution so I began looking at buying cloth diapers. The stipulations E and I decided on is that they must be snap (the velco on our home made was killing us), that they needed to be one size so we didn't spend so much time sorting diapers and that they couldn't break the bank (that was already halfway broken).

I am ever so thankful I found GoGreen. We've been using their diapers about a year and we are in love. Our stash for the last year has consisted of 39 GoGreen Pocket diapers and has worked wonderfully. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of diapers but with 3 kids using them I'm doing laundry every other day. The good news is that because I bought them on sale (yes, you see many older styles of GoGreen here) they didn't break the bank. And because they are awesome diapers they still look almost brand new!

Recently GoGreen sent us a Champ to review, making our stash an even 40 diapers, and we love it. Don't get me wrong, we love our standard GoGreen diapers but especially for BabyD  the Champ goes above and beyond. Here are the things I love about the champ:

  • Opening in front and back of diaper for insert - I HATE touching dirty inserts so this is awesome because the insert is much more likely to just come out by itself in the wash.
  • Extra row of rise snaps - it still didn't fit my little premie baby right off but it did within a month.
  • Duel Gussets - I love this extra protection! 
And of course, here are some things I love about GoGreen in general:
  • Awesome customer service - everyone is always so helpful!
  • Wonderful product - I love that my diapers still look brand new!
  • Great shipping - their flat rate shipping is awesome and delivery has always been very fast!
I know this is what you are all waiting for. Here are the pictures of my boys in their diapers. 

D in regular GoGreen diaper

D in Champ

C in Champ


  1. I have been dying to try GoGreen after hearing so many positive things about them and hearing that youre so satisfied that your whole stash consists of them makes me think that I really should invest in a couple when we have the funds. Also I have been drooling over how cute the Noir is and to think before I saw it buying a black diaper hadnt even occurred to me!

  2. This diaper looks fantastic! I love the idea of a One Size fits all diaper! And these look really easy to use. Thanks for the review I will definitely be going to check them out!