September 9, 2011

Blogorama Bonanza: Sockeye Media Review

About Sockeye Media:

Sockeye Media LLC was founded in 2001 by an educator and former PBS producer. With a passion for creating kids media that educates and enthralls, Sockeye has produced award-winning content for television, print, audio and the web.

My Thoughts:

Sockeye sent me an awesome package of goodies to review! I must say that I really like the idea as nursery rhymes are so much fun for kids. My only complaint is about the movie and that's because it seems very repetitive, but I guess that is how kids learn. The characters are very cute, B & C's favorite part is when the mouse climbs up the clock (they even tried to do it themselves). The CDs are my favorite because they have so many nursery rhymes, many of which I had forgotten about, and the boys love listening to them. The coloring book they sent is also way fun. We haven't used it yet as the boys aren't much for coloring but I know once they're a bit older they will love it. I think a gift from Sockeye would be great for any toddler or young child. Make sure you check them out today!

1 comment :

  1. This sounds adorable! I don't mind repetitiveness either (okay, kind of do...) - but I am willing to suffer (and BOY, have I suffered!) for my son. We watch every other movie over and over, why not throw fun educational film into the mix!?! :)

    ~ Nicole @ MamaNYC