September 12, 2011

Moving to Florida

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon 

We moved not too long ago into a new place in Florida and it was only the terrible real estate market that allowed us to do so. It’s been so great finally realizing our dream to live somewhere warmer and better than where we’ve been in Jersey. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently bad about the Garden State but we’ve really gotten sick of the snow the last few years. The house we bought was a foreclosure so it needs some work since it’s been vacant the last few months but it’s got a great pool and it even has a palm tree in the front yard! I went online and got us direct tv Clermont Fl packages for the TVs and my husband says he’s going to buy a lawnmower soon and we’re still debating what to do about the internal work that needs to be done. I love having a place near the beach and though the economy’s terrible I’m so glad it’s afforded us this amazing opportunity to invest!

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