September 22, 2011

Preparing the Nursery

Preparing a nursery for your little one is something that I envy. Three kids down the road I have yet to do so. With B it was because I was put on bed rest and spent the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy in and out of the hospital. C of course just decided to arrive early and with B's developmental delays the nursery was the last thing on my mind. With D I had all the good intentions of preparing the nursery. I had it all planed out for our new house so as soon as we moved I could get his room ready. Of course, we didn't end up moving until after he was born and since then we've been frantically trying to get the house put together so we can focus on school.

One thing I have done however is make a quilt for each of my children. This is something special for me to work on prior to their birth and something they can keep for years to come. I still have the quilt(s) my grandmother made for me as a baby/young girl and they mean so much to me. C especially loves "his" blanket and will tell anyone who steals it exactly what he thinks. I also made a matching crib set that all the boys have used. It's not fancy but they like it and the bright fabric and pictures make their room a bright and happy place.

One thing I'm going to do for the nursery as soon as I have two minutes to spare is paint. Our new house is all white upstairs and I'm already planning colors. In the nursery I want to do light blue walls and than my good friend is going to come help me paint something fun. Right now I'm thinking some jungle animals.

The other thing our nursery needs is some curtains. I love the large windows in our new home but sometimes it makes it more difficult to get nap time because it is so bright. I'm still looking for the perfect set of curtains for this room.

For me the most important thing about a room however is the toys inside. My kids don't have tons of toys in their rooms simply because I want them to sleep at bedtime but, the decorations and furniture can all help your child's development. We love to use bright colors with simple furniture. Step stools are a must, they do so much as your child gets older and you can find some very cute ones to match their room. Blankets are also important. C needs a special weighted blanket but for any child having covers they love can greatly help sleep.

What is your nursery theme? Tell us about it, we love pictures too!

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