September 9, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

Due to C's oral issue it seems like we are always at the doctor or dentist. Lately we've spent a lot of time at the dentist  making sure everyone's teeth are healthy and getting C's mouth checked out at his 1 year past surgery mark. This would not be a big problem but due to C's surgery he is very nervous with anyone who wants in his mouth. This in turn makes B nervous and it makes for a long day. 

Because C's surgery was considered cosmetic dentistry it was a struggle to find someone to do it. First we had to get all sorts of tests done by therapists and written documents saying that his tongue was in face affecting his eating and speech because according to many doctors and dentists being tongue-tied does not cause any problems. We also had to file special paperwork with our insurance to show them that this was a needed procedure and that they should pay for it. All of this created a huge headache for something that, if you would have seen him before his surgery, would have been obvious that it was a problem.

Now that everything is said and done I am so glad that we saw things through and had the surgery as needed. It caused a lot of stress until it was over but now that it's been done for almost a year and C is beginning to do better and learn to talk it is so nice to know that he will catch up. 

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