September 5, 2011

Mom Shop Monday: Kerrific Online - The Store

About Kerrific Online:

If you're reading this you probably know a little bit about our family. The five of us work hard to make it through school, work and our everyday lives as a family. Our shop is how I (A) contribute to our family finances and make it possible for both E and I to be full time students. My local business is going fairly well but I'm having a much harder time getting my shop to be productive. The deal I would like to make with you today is that anyone who makes a purchase between now and September 30th will receive 15% back in a refund when they leave me feedback prior to October 31st. I'm adding items almost everyday as I find them in all these moving boxes so make sure you check out all the great things we have to offer!

You can find our shop through the tab above. 

Thanks everyone!

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