September 7, 2011

Zoobies Review

About Zoobies:

Zoobies, LLC was created by two young brothers who shared a common desire to invent something that was fun, innovative and functional. Coming from a large family of nine children, they saw the need to consolidate what one could bring on long road trips and family excursions; something to make life easier for mom.

My Thoughts:

My boys love their new Zoobie! I had a hard time getting a picture with good color so the top picture is most accurate. C especially loves the "d-dater" and is so proud of himself when he says what it is. Both the animal and the blanket are amazingly soft! As you can see the blanket is a great size, big enough to cover but not so big it overtakes everything. It was a bit difficult to fold the blanket back up to put inside the animal but only because I had too many helpers. It certainly is a mom's job but is not bad if you can do it without help. Other than that the only problem we have had is that there are not three of them in my house. I guess someone is going to have to write a letter to Santa!

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