December 3, 2011

Christmas at EdenFantasys *Adult*

If you haven't been to EdenFantasys lately you really need to go check it out. They are adding new lines and inventory faster than I can tell you about them. There are so many wonderful gift ideas for this holiday season.

If you house is anything like mine during the holidays one of the best presents you can give your spouse, and yourself, is some stress free couple time.EdenFantasys makes that so simple. There is no finding time to get to the adult store without the children, just a few quiet moments on the computer and you're good to go.

Your package will arrive in a few short weeks and no one will be the wiser. EdenFantasys packages are all from "WebMerchants"  in a plain white or brown box.

EdenFantasys is so much more than sex toys. They just added a whole bunch of new outfits including some awesome club clothes. They have a beautiful yellow shirt that I can't wait to get once it's in stock. They are also adding a makeup and bath products. This includes everything to fill your shaving, bath, skincare, makeup, and perfume needs.

Remember, there is also a free product with every order and they always have awesome specials for Facebook friends and fans. Happy Holidays!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

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