December 2, 2011

Loveable Labels Review

With toddlers loosing things seems like a constant state of being. Between work, school, home and the babysitter if I can find what I need it seems like a miracle! Today I spent almost three hours looking for my psychology book, it's still missing and I know I had it last week.

At my house I have to label everything because I never know were it will end up or who will be returning it to me. I have used just about everything to make sure our name stays on things but recently I was given a sample of Lovable Labels to try and they are awesome!

I took the opportunity to label all of our bottles and sippy cups. You would be amazed at how quickly they disappear at our house. I knew that since we were traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas that I had better either do something or head to the store and buy a dozen more cups and bottles.

These labels worked perfectly. All of Thanksgiving if a random child was carrying around our cups any adult knew exactly who to return it to. It was wonderful! After 3 days we came home with all of our cups and bottles. Now if only I had enough to label the silverware...


  1. i love loveable labels-they are a great product & really hold up! thanks for the review!

  2. These would be amazing to have for the church nursery! Kids are always losing their bottles/sippies in there!