December 1, 2011

Danna O'Shee Review

We go through more socks and underwear at this house than I know what to do with most days. Between the kids growing out of them, the dogs eating them, and my going through 5 different sizes every nine months it seems like I'm always on the lookout for good socks and underwear.

I was so excited when I found Danna O'Shee! They not only have everything I need to care for my family's underclothing needs but they also have great prices and awesome customer service!

The one thing I wish Danna O'Shee carried that they don't is infant/toddler sizes but everything else they have covered. Their sock selection alone is absolutely wonderful! E is very picky about his socks but they have his favorite brand for about half of what I pay at our local store.

Danna O'Shee sent us some wonderful products to review. I got some awesome underclothing, sorry you don't get to see it but this is me wearing it, that I love so much I wash it multiple times a week just so I can wear it. They also sent a sweatshirt that is still a little big for B but with how he's growing I know it will fit in no time. And a shirt for E that is the most awesome color of blue ever. I think it's his new favorite because every time I ask him to put it on so I can get a picture he tells me it's in the laundry.

I highly encourage you to check out Danna O'Shee and see what you can find. They have lots of practical stocking stuffers which are my favorite kind.

Happy Holidays!


  1. i checked them out...did you try the long underwear at all? I really need new long underwear!! Glad to hear they seem to "wear" well, too.

  2. That's great! I'm in need of new socks!