December 2, 2011

Udderly Smooth Review

Winter is the absolute worst for dry skin! At our house the biggest problem with dry skin lies in B's feet. They crack and peel and of course he has to pick at them so they bleed and he is constantly complaining that his feet hurt. To top things off he is not terribly fond of lotion because it makes his feet slippery and he falls down as he runs through the house.

When Udderly Smooth sent us their lotions to try the first place they went was on B's feet. After about 2 weeks the results were amazing. I wish my before and after pictures would have turned out because his feet are almost as soft as Baby D's. We've started just putting the foot cream on every night and it is working wonderfully!

The next place we tried Udderly Smooth was on my back. When I bundle up to go to school my sweaters often make my back and arms itch. Then when I put lotion on they get greasy and I break out. With Udderly Smooth this hasn't been nearly as big of a problem. The moisturizing lotion especially leaves you feeling moisturized but not slippery.

Udderly Smooth would make a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone as it works well and has little to no scent. Check it out today and head over to win some during Blog Bash Christmas!

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  1. This stuff is amazing! My dermatologist recommended it to me quite a few years ago.