December 6, 2011

Litter-Robot Review

If you've read our about us page you know about our cats Z & Z. Well there is one thing I really dislike about cats, and that is cleaning the litter box. Most of the time E has done this because I've been pregnant but getting him to clean the cat box is like pulling teeth most days and I don't like blood. Thankfully we just received a wonderful new item to review. That's right, the Litter-Robot has taken care of all of our cat box cleaning needs and we are in heaven.
The Litter-Robot is really easy to use. You'll need to buy clumping litter to go inside and have plastic bags for the try underneath. The way it works is that the Robot has a sensor and senses when your cat is inside the box. When your cat is done it waits for a few minutes and then, like magic, the globe begins to turn. Inside the magic globe is a screen. The unused litter falls through the screen while the used clumps stay on top and then fall through a hole at the bottom (what was the top when not in use). The used litter lands in the bag beneath the globe and then you change the bag and add a little more litter (about once a week for our two cats).
I can't tell you how much fighting and frustration this has saved our family. My other favorite thing is that the kids won't play in this litter box (hey, it's just a big sandbox right) because they don't like that it moves and this saves me a lot of worry with all the little ones. I'm so thankful to Litter-Robot for allowing me to share their great product! This is a wonderful gift for anyone that loves cats, or for yourself. You'll save time, money, and a lot of dirty jobs when you get one of your own!

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