December 1, 2011

Plow & Hearth Review

As we moved, I knew there were some things that I was going to need for our new house. There are three major stipulations when I shop for household items. The first is that it has to be high quality, I know that we're going to be living here for a long time and that I have children so things need to be made to last. My second stipulation is that they fit my personality, we just bought our first home, I want to make it mine. And the last thing is that it has to fit in our budget, or I need to be able to make it fit in our budget.

When I found Plow & Hearth I was thrilled. I remember my mother shopping at Plow & Hearth and although our tastes are very different completely opposite I still found so many things I would love to have.

I was given the opportunity to review some Energy Efficient Curtains and they are great. The one problem we have had is that they are not quite wide enough for our window. This is totally normal because our house has these crazy 7-9 foot wide windows that no curtains fit over so I'm going to add some decorative panels on the sides.

Other than that these are wonderful curtains. I love that they come in different lengths so I was able to get the ones that fit my short house. I also love the color. They are very neutral but will be beautiful with my room once I get it painted. These curtains are also very good at keeping the cold out and have made a huge difference in the temperature of our room.

I highly recommend checking out Plow & Hearth for your home decor and gift giving needs this holiday season. You won't be disappointed!


  1. never knew they carried curtains...thanks for the review

  2. I love the item that I received from Plow and Hearth! They are a great company!