December 2, 2011


Winter and I have a love/hate relationship. One reason for this is that I usually avoid shaving because it is too cold. This is good in some ways because it saves us money on razor blades but at the same point not shaving does have some down sides.

One down side is that my son has decided I am a monkey. It was quite funny actually, we were on our way to a Thanksgiving celebration and B wanted his drink so I turned around to hand it to him. When I did so he made the comment that "Mom, your arms have hair" to which I replied, "Yes, B, I do." His final statement, "You're a monkey." It was terribly funny at the time.

Now I don't normally shave my arms, that takes too much time, but our conversation did lead me to wonder what my son would think if he saw my "winter legs".  He was very excited when he thought that anyone with hair on their arms was a monkey, that’s everyone at our house except Baby D according to B, but I’m not sure I appreciate the title. Maybe I need to rethink my winter shaving policy. What rules of shaving do you live by?

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