November 1, 2011

Butt Paste Review

We were send some awesome samples from Boudreaux to review. Although we got to try lots of items, I'm going to tell you about just a couple of our favorites today.

First is the Butt Bath. My very favorite thing about this was the smell. It made my little boys smell not quite so baby but it wasn't an adult smell either. One thing we learned quickly about this product was that a little bit goes a long way. One bottle lasted us almost 3three times as long as other brands have. The only problem we had was that it seemed to dry out the kids' skin more than usual but it was nothing a little lotion couldn't fix.

Our other favorite product was the Baby Kisses. On this one the only thing I didn't like was the smell. However it worked wonderfully! D has a bad habit of rolling off his blankets and rubbing his face on the carpet. As a result he often has rug burn on his face and the Baby Kisses worked wonderfully to help it heal. I even put some on my chapped nose during allergy season and it was wonderfully soothing and healing for my skin too.

Boudreaux has so many great products I can't tell you about all of them so go check it out!

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