November 22, 2011

Bambo-Nature Review

It's time for Blog Bash Christmas to begin. This year I have so many great sponsors I was able to put together some awesome packages. As we approach the giveaway I will be introducing you to each of them. I encourage you to visit their shops, become their Facebook fans, follow them on twitter and show them some sponsor love so you are ready to enter this great giveaway.

Today I have the opportunity to introduce you to Bambo-Nature. 

Bamboo-Nature is a great company that makes disposable diapers with that are 80% biodegradable. This makes them much more eco-friendly than normal disposable diapers.

Although we Kerrs really love cloth diapers with 3 kids using them there are times where cloth is simply not an option. One of these times is when we go to grandma's house because she will not touch cloth let alone allow us to wash them at her house. Having said this I am always looking for a great way to diaper my kids when we can't use cloth and I think Bambo-Nature offers a good alternative.

I will start by telling you about the only problem I had, that was the fact that these are measured in kg on the package. This was not a big deal as when you order the weight is listed in pounds and the packages are all different colors so it is easy to tell what belongs to who. Another bonus for those of you with multiple kids is that the size of the diaper is written in easy to read print across the bum of the diaper. This makes it super easy when they are in the diaper bag, or when your children so kindly empty all the diapers out of their original bags.

Below are pictures of C & D in their diapers. C is right in the middle of his size range and as you can tell the diaper fits wonderfully. D is closer to the bottom end so his diaper looks a little big but it still fits snugly and we had no leaks with either diaper. B also wore some of C's diapers (sorry there isn't a picture). He is at the very top of the size range and again the diaper fit well and we had no problem with leaking.


 We had a great experience with our Bambo-Nature diapers. I highly recommend them to any mom who wants to help the environment but can't do cloth for one reason or another. They have great customer service and a wonderful product. Make sure you also follow them on Facebook and twitter to hear all the latest information.


  1. I need to check these out! That jelly stuff in disposables drives me crazy!

  2. We are also a cloth diapering family, but there are always times when sposies come in handy! I wouldn't mind having a pack of these to keep around the house for emergencies!

    ~Terri Babin

  3. I would love to be able to give these to my cloth-diapering friends for when they go to the church nursery and don't want hassle with cloth!