November 23, 2011

Cobra Corn Review

Cobra Corn is a unique popcorn invented by a woman raised in India to share her favorite flavors with her son while she lived in the United States. Cobra Corn is not only special because of the flavor, it is also quite healthy. It has no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. And for those of you with other health concerns, popcorn is cholesterol and gluten-free.

We were luck enough to try Cobra Corn at our house and it certainly was different. I was not a fan but E really loved it. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


  1. Yummy Yummy I love popcorn, just might have to give this a try.

  2. i have never heard of this company before. would love to try them out! thanks for the review!

  3. I bet some of the kids I baby-sit would like it!