November 23, 2011

EatSmart Bathroom Scale Review

Having a good bathroom scale can be good or bad depending on your feelings about your weight. I know when I'm pregnant it is the last thing I want to see. Now that I'm trying to loose weight my EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale helps me keep track of how I'm doing.

 The very first thing I loved about this scale is that it is beautiful! I used to hid the old scale in a closet because I didn't want anyone to see it. Because this one is so pretty I don't feel like I have to do that so I can keep track of my weight better.

Another thing I love about this scale is that you do not have to tap it on. This makes it super easy to weigh the kids because it takes just a second to do rather than having to wait for it to get ready.

The last thing I love is the large numbers. As you can tell, you can easily read these numbers when standing up because they are large and well lit. It also holds the number for just a few seconds after you step off allowing you to check your weight then if needed.

If you're looking for an awesome new bathroom scale to help you out after the holidays this would be a great choice!


  1. What a great scale, seems they come out with more things digital everyday.

  2. they are so nice looking...i need a new scale-thanks for the review!

  3. I could use a new scale! Actually, I don't have one in the first place, so I should say that I could use a scale! Lol.

  4. Having a bathroom scale actually gives me the idea that I should work out more and more everyday. It's more like an encouragement to myself rather than an insult. That's one good way of purchasing one, I think.