November 11, 2011

Family Comedy

This post brought to you by American Family Insurance. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is often hard to find comedy geared toward family but American Family Insurance has recently started a program called Stand Up For Family that does exactly this. This is a great program where some of todays most popular comedians provide family friendly comedy based on their own family experiences. It is fun to hear what they have to say about family life. They have some great topics including riding bikes, insurance, wedding anniversaries, taking baths, and many other random things.

What a fun way to remind people about the importance of family. This week we have had some major injuries at our house that have included emergency surgeries and hospital stays. These videos have been a great way to lighten the mood and remind ourselves how much we love each other. Families are so important and without them we would be lost. Please don't wait for an emergency to tell your family how much you love them. The holidays are coming and now is a great time to give a little extra love to those you care about the most. Your family is the one thing you should never want to loose.

Thanks for an awesome program AmFam!

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