November 21, 2011

Sweet Natural Soaps Review

It's time for Blog Bash Christmas to begin. This year I have so many great sponsors I was able to put together some awesome packages. As we approach the giveaway I will be introducing you to each of them. I encourage you to visit their shops, become their Facebook fans, follow them on twitter and show them some sponsor love so you are ready to enter this great giveaway.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sweet Natural Soaps. They have a wonderful line of beautiful and unique soaps that I have loved sampling. These soaps are obviously high quality. I'm using her shop photos because I can't get a good picture to save my life but they really do look just like she shows them. They are beautiful and I have had several complements from guests about my beautiful soap.

She has so many different scents and each one brings something new to life. E's favorite is the Blue Wave (right) while I am in in love with the Hot Chocolate (left). I mean who doesn't want to smell like chocolate?

As someone with allergies I have been very surprised that of the six scents I have tried, not one has caused an allergic reaction. This is incredible and tells me that her soaps are very well thought out.

Men, these would make a perfect gift for your wife, mother or daughters. Make sure you head over to check out the Black Friday prices. This soap will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks for sponsoring Sweet Natural Soaps!


  1. These look good enough to eat! I hope I win some. I really like the simplicity of their website too.

  2. Homemade soaps are great they seem to be even better for the skin

  3. allergies are a big deal at our house...and I love HOT CHOCOLATE...I see on the site they even have MINT HC. How can you beat that????

  4. I would love to try out handmade soaps! :)

  5. Good to know that people with allergies could handle these! That's my problem!