November 24, 2011

Learning to Read the Label and No Water

This week we have been working on finishing some repairs in our downstairs bathroom. Part of this involved moving a drain line so we could finish the ceiling. E made sure he had all the pieces so he could complete the project as quickly as possible. We knew we were having guests over for dinner and we needed to have water by then.

So we worked hard and the pipe was all together in plenty of time. I came upstairs and started to cook dinner and then realized that I didn't have all the clean dishes I needed so I went down to ask E how long it would be before we had water. We had finished the pipes about ten minutes previous and when I as he sits down and begins to read the back of the glue bottle. The result, 2 hours. It was awful!

We still had friends for dinner but I had to change plans really fast so I used less pans. And then after dinner was about an hour late, we were finally able to turn on the water so we could wash the kids.

Next time I will be reading the bottle before I let him start any project that involves turning off the water or we'll be hiring someone like we did with the water heater repair.

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