November 24, 2011

We've Adopted!

We've been looking for the perfect second dog for a while now and we finally decided to adopt B3. B3 is a Border Collie, German Shepard, Husky mix according to his paperwork. He is about a year old and is fitting right into our family. We all love him dearly and we are slowly working on the few problems he has had. B3 was turned over to the local humane society because he refused to eat and the family did not want to deal with it. His foster says it was a hard couple of days as she introduced him to food that was actually good for him, they had been feeding him scraps and other non-nutritious food, and we haven't had any problems since he came to live with us. We look forward to having B3 be part of our family for many years and sharing many stories with you about him. We are so thankful for the wonderful people who helped him find us this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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