November 11, 2011


Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
I have served as a waiter for three years, and I actually enjoy the work. I am finishing my degree online, but I still work full-time as a server. My degree is going to be in business, and I think I would like to stay in the restaurant business in some capacity. Working full time as a server has actually brought me a reasonable income. I bought a home three years ago and recently switched to fixed-rate energy through Texas Electricity providers. I really like the fact that I know exactly how much my energy bill will be every month. I have heard others disparage the restaurant industry, but I have found it to be very interesting. Of course there are always some people who choose to treat their server very poorly, and those people often tip very poorly as well. However, I have met many interesting people, and some of the conversations that I have struck while serving dinner will stick with me for a lifetime. Serving has given me the opportunity to meet people I would have never met otherwise.

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