November 5, 2011

Horizon Review & Giveaway

About Horizon: 

Horizon® is headquartered in beautiful Broomfield County, Colorado – an area home to many progressive leaders in sustainable, responsible business. Together with our parent company, WhiteWave Foods, we make caring for our community and the environment an everyday priority.
Because we’ve got roots decades deep in organic, conducting our business with an eye to sustainability is nothing new for us. And today we’re in good company, as more and more businesses embrace the priorities we’ve always held. We’d call that a big win for everybody.

My Thoughts:

 For our family nutrition is very important and dairy is a big part of that. It was interesting when E and I met the difference in our liquid preferences. He grew up drinking soda and I grew up drinking whole milk. It was also interesting that between the four kids that grew up at E's house there were many broken bones and in our house of six kids we never had any. I do not think this is coincidence. I love all the great things Horizon has to offer and the great product they distribute.

Horizon has offered to give one Kerrific winner a mom relaxation kit to help you get the rest you need while you work hard to keep your kids healthy this school season. Please use the rafflecopter form below to enter.


  1. My kids scream, lots. This make me feel insane at times.

  2. With school and a crazy 2-year-old, times to relax seem to be few and far between!