November 2, 2011

Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter by Jennifer Grant Review

About Love You More:

The obstacles, surprises, and moments of grace that Jennifer Grant experienced, working through the adoption process to bring home her daughter from Guatemala, forever changed her life.
Love You More tells Grant's deeply personal story of adopting her daughter, Mia. The process confronted her notions about what family means, pushed her into uncomfortable places, and - despite the waiting, adjustments, and challenges of a blended family - brought abiding joy.
Written for all parents but especially those interested in adoption, Love You More includes discussion questions, tips for prospective adoptive parents, and suggestions for readers on how to reach out in love and support for the world's most vulnerable people, including orphans. (Back cover).

My Thoughts:

Love You More was a very interesting story of adding a child through adoption. Although it is not what I would consider my typical pick it was a good read. The most interesting part to me was that it was written like a novel although it was very clearly more of a biography of sorts. Sometimes, at least for me, this made the story a little bit hard to follow at first but once I got into the story it wasn't as bad. Although I probably wouldn't recommend this to someone for a enjoyable reading book, I would recommend it to anyone who is considering adopting a child or anyone who wants to know more about the emotions involved in adopting. Because I have both friends who are adopted and friends who have adopted children I feel that Love You More gave me an unique insight to the process and allowed be to be a better friend to these individuals.

*This book was provided to me for review purposes by BookSneeze. All opinions are my own.

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