November 26, 2011

Mail Friendly Gift Idea

It can be so hard to so hard to find the perfect gifts for those you have to mail gifts to. With family spread out clear across the country we often spend more on mailing gifts than on the gifts themselves. This year I have decided I am only sending gift cards, that I can slip inside their Christmas card, to these family members.

This works so well for us. I don't have to worry about making a trip to the post office to mail packages. I don't have to buy boxes, packing tape, or wrapping paper. I make a quick trip to the local Dollar Store for a stack of cards and then stop by Plastic Jungle to get some awesome gift cards at great prices!

Plastic Jungle has awesome discounts on gift cards for the whole family. You can get both physical gift cards (with free shipping) or gift codes to use online. All the gift cards are discounted up to 35%. The choice is yours! The savings is unbeatable! Go check it out today!

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