August 6, 2011

ABE: BeePart Review

About Beepart:

hi, my name is neil jeffery. i'm an artist and freelance illustrator working in london, canada.

i've always been a draw-er, painter and maker of things and have been working as a full time illustrator for the past 7 years.

all of the vinyl wall and laptop decals found in the beepart shop are are produced on high quality matte vinyl and are original illustrations done by either myself or another artist.
you won't find traced or converted photographs in the beepart shop- only unique, original designs!

My Thoughts:

Beepart sent me a few awesome decals to review. The first one was the octopus laptop decal. It is an awesome orange color and a great size for my laptop. I have done vinyl decals before but the instructions that were included were simple, easy to follow, and had great pictures with them. Of course, I can't get any good pictures now that this is installed but trust me when I say it looks just like these pictures I got from the shop.

The second decal they set was a cassette tape in a 3"x5" size. I haven't decided where to put this yet. E loves them and the kids have no idea what they are. For right now I've got them stored away to use on a project for E at some point. He's going to have a "man room" at the new house so I'm thinking I will make him something fun for in there. Any great ideas?

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