August 10, 2011

Diaper Changing

Diaper changing at the Kerr house seems like a constant need. With two in diapers and one potty training someone always needs help and many times it is the last thing I want to do. C tends to cause the biggest problems as he has the most sensitive bum and is the most independent. We like to call C "fussy britches" because every time he needs his britches changed he screams at the top of his lungs until we do so. We keep trying to teach him that he can either ask nicely to get his pants changed or he can learn to say potty (or any variation of) and we will let him use the big boy potty. So far we haven't had any luck but we do have some great tips on how to make diaper changing easy(er).

1. Find a diaper you like. Not all diapers are created equally. Some diapers are easier to use if your left handed verses right handed. Some have larger tabs than others (E likes these because of his big hands). And of course some seem to be stickier than others. Get samples when you can until you find the diaper that works for you.

2. Find a wipe you like. Once again these are not all created equal. Some are larger, some are thicker, and some like to get stuck together more than others. Try them out, find what you like.

3. Make a space. One thing I learned when I was sheering sheep is that if you put them up so they felt like they were going to fall off if they moved they held still much better. I have found the same thing applies to diaper changing. If you change a diaper on the floor in the middle of the toys your child is not going to hold still very well however if you get them up on a changing table where they don't have distractions and know they are up off the ground they'll be a lot more willing to hold still until the job is done.

4. Get a good dirty diaper bin. This is especially true for those of us who use cloth diapers but either way get a bin dedicated to diapers that has an flapping lid. This is so much easier to use than any other type as it only requires one hand.

5. Practice. The only way to truly get good at changing diapers is practice. If anyone needs extra kids to practice on just come visit. We always need a diaper change.

Good Luck!

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