August 23, 2011

Spa for Ma: Jazzy Creative Designs Review

About Jazzy Creative Designs:

Jazzy Creative Designs was founded by Sylvester and Jasmine Renner, social entrepreneurs and philanthropist, previous owners of an online retail store Ambiance Afrik that began operations in August 2006.  We have been active, global social entrepreneurs since our pre-design days, so we are positively excited about the possibilities of combining this "magical and revolutionary" design line with the art of social giving.
As lifelong global entrepreneurs, we have had the unique opportunity to spend a considerable amount of years in two continents; Africa and the west (North America). We love all things African, but we found it difficult to limit our product line to just African goods that are chic, useful and affordable. With eager anticipation to expand our product line, creative inspiration came. We fantasized about a combination of African taste and western designs that would be rich, classy and affordable.
In the Spring of 2011, I stumbled upon a talent we never knew we had. I knew we wanted something with high style and serious function. We knew we wanted something we could put on and run out of the door comfortable in the knowledge that we have something unique, classy and affordable in one perfect package -and thus, Jazzy Creative Designs was born.
Our unique talent is the creation of Ipad covers/sleeves, Macbook covers/sleeves, shoes, tote hand bags, hobos, sachets, purses, clutches, and infinite accessories, using quality African print wax fabric and combining such with western designs. The resultant products are phenomenal. Check out our store for a detailed view of all our products. Our line of products and accessories are distinct and unique. Essentially, we make your accessories unique  using either African Fabric or the like and Western designs.
So stop by and shop with us. Invite your friends. We will be pleased to take in your orders anytime.

My Thoughts:
My only complaint about the bag I was sent is that it is so little, but then again you guys haven't seen the "suitcase" I try to pass of a diaper bag either. Other than that this bag is beautiful! It is well made and it's going to make a wonderful bag for me to carry my stitching in when I go to girl's night. 

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  1. I like their Midnight Sky- Batik Fabric Gift Tote Bag