August 11, 2011

ABE: Felt Planet Review

About FeltPlanet:

I first became interested in felt when I began working with a man who had been in the felt business for over 60 years. What an amazingly simple and wonderful material! But it wasn't until I was given some samples of extra thick, colorful, 100% Virgin Merino Wool Felt from Germany, that I truly fell in love with felt. I knew right then that I wanted to make wonderful things from this warm, uber-soft, luxurious, eco-friendly material. That was over 6 years ago, and it has taken me that long to find the courage to take time away from my 'real' job, buy some felt, and open my shop. Watch for more items as I can add them!

My Thoughts:

FeltPlanet sent us a beautiful mouse pad to review. It is thick and beautiful! Because E has a mouse and I don't he has been using this pad and loves it. The green really is bright and the pad itself is a great size. *Please excuse the messy desk.* The big things I love about this mouse pad is that the top does not peel off, like the photo ones, and that it gets softer the more you use it.

School is approaching and this would be a great gift for any student so make sure you check out FeltPlanet and use code "kerrific" for free shipping at checkout!

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