August 7, 2011

ABE: Cheena Design Studios Review

About Cheena Design Studios:

When I was growing up, my mom handmade just about all of my clothes, stuffed animals, bedding and anything else she could think of! And she was good at it. Really good. (Still is, of course!) But by the time I reached that good ol' preteen age, I didn't think it was "cool" anymore. (What did I know? Teenagers aren't the greatest.) Mom had tried to teach me how to sew, and I had a basic knowledge; but all of my sports, music and friends interested me WAY more than learning to sew.

Fast forward about 10 years, when I found out I would be an aunt! My sister-in-law was going to have a baby! I thought "Man. It would be really cool if I could handsew this baby a blanket!" So I consulted my mom, found a pattern and handsewed (that's right...with NO sewing machine) a cute Very Hungry Caterpillar blanket. :) 

After my niece Violet was born, she quickly became my favorite inspiration for just about everything, including adorable fashion. She inspired me to sew (by this time, my mom was so excited about my newfound interest in sewing that she bought me my own brand new sewing machine) all kinds of fun little fashions and extras. I love it, and so does she! 

I love exploring new patterns, new designs and my own little twists on everything. And, I know I'll always have the perfect little model eagerly waiting to try my new stuff. ;)

My name is Christina. Violet calls me Cheena. I love to sew...and that's how Cheena Design Studios was born. 

Thanks for looking! Hope you take as much joy in my creations as Violet and I do!

My Thoughts:

Cheena Design Studios sent us an adorable pair of shorts to review. E's exact words were, "I like those!" which is something I don't hear very often about the kids' clothes, see my post on style HERE. Once I paired these shorts with one of B's favorite shirts and his awesome green sandals we had a very "handsome" outfit. Of course the first thing B did once we had this outfit on was have an accident, a really stinky one. So into the wash they went and when they came out they looked just as good as when they arrived. These photos were taken the second time he wore them. Doesn't he look good! We call them the lizard pants thanks to the adorable lizards on the pockets. As a side note, C also loves these pants and has learned to sign lizard since their arrival.

If you want some adorable, well made clothes for your child make sure you check out Cheena Designs Shop today. You'll also want to make sure you're a Facebook fan so you are ready for ABE.

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