August 18, 2011

Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti - By Stefan Swanepoel

About Surviving Your Serengeti:

Surviving Your Serengeti is a fable like story of a couple on their vacation to the Serengeti. Upon their arrival, the husband, a great man in the business world, is very worried about missing work while the wife, recently unemployed, is excited to start their new adventure. The book is filled with the stories of their adventures as they see the animals of the Serengeti in their natural habitat and the lessons they learned from them.

My Thoughts:

I was a bit unsure of what to expect as I started this book. It is not a book I would pick up because it looked wonderful but I did enjoy it and think it could be a great tool. I loved the way this book read like a story but deep down was more of a motivational or self help book. It had great ideas on better understanding your strengths and how to use them. I could see this being a great book to use as a basis for company meetings or other motivational talks. I will also use it with my children as they get older. I think they are still a little young to understand now but in a few more years comparing them to animals, to help understand how they differ and how they each have strengths, could very well help them get along better and be able to work together to solve problems. If you are looking for an interesting way to teach about strengths and becoming your best self this would be an excellent choice.

This book was provided to me for review by Book Sneeze.

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