August 9, 2011

New House and Plumbing Problems

In the process of buying our new house we of course had an inspection. Overall it went fairly well but of course there was one major thing we had to fix before we could move in. That was the plumbing. Now thankfully even these are not hard fixes, just ones that had to be done prior to turning on the water and moving in.

The biggest problem is that there is a broken pipe behind the dishwasher. This then leaks down into the laundry. Thankfully to fix this problem the pipe can be accessed by pulling out the dishwasher or we would have had to cut a hole in the cupboard.

The other problems are under the sinks in the bathrooms. The traps in both bathrooms are broken thanks to someone not doing their job correctly. A good plumber should not leave you with this problem but since we're dealing with the government there is now way to get it fixed other than to do it ourselves.

I'm so glad my dad taught me basic plumbing skills and that E has also learned some in his life. Because these are the biggest problems in our new home we feel that we got a pretty good deal and are so excited to be moving! Hooray for space for the kids to run and play. Hooray for a home we can paint and hang pictures in! The blogging may slow down during the move but I promise I haven't forgotten about all of you and will be back soon!

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